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Sharing with you the satisfaction to re-live the millions of inner tubes that are discarded and burned each year.
That you become part of a responsible trading system, when you buy a product CYCLUS.
Take into account the preservation of the environment and improve the environmental condition of our planet.
Rethink our relationship to the world.

The commitmentS

Develop processes and materials that permits the producion of eco-design products.
Establish means of production that are less polluting.
To help reduce the environmental impact of traditional products.

THE vision

Cyclus is positioned as a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing products with reduced environmental impact. Particular attention is paid to design these products and their quality.
Acting as a thread, CYCLUS links different areas and companies for research and development projects, which take into account the preservation of the environment.

The Philosophy

Think, reThink and reCreate

CYCLUS was created in 2002 and develops eco design products, with the aim to deliver an enhanced environmental awareness message. Since then, CYCLUS studies and develops innovative processes in the manufacture of its products, by reusing urban and post industrial materials - thus prolonging their "useful" life cycle.

Cyclus uses materials that have an environmental impact as low as possible, at all stages of their life cycle. The use of ecologic leather and other raw materials has for objective to shown that another way of living is possible, in relation to the environment, more consistent and less destructive.

Cyclus, ways to rethink our relationship to the world

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